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BB Brush Holder

BB Brush Holder

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Say GOODBYE to dusty, dirty and misshapen makeup brushes with the BB Brush Holder. Spice up your vanity station with the BB brush holder. The perfect tabletop holder for makeup lovers and beauty gurus looking for a multifunctional accessory that saves space whilst keeping your makeup table clean and tidy.

Our innovative design features a sleek, solid base structure with space for 12 brushes (4 large, 4 medium and 4 small) and a transparent lid with holes for ventilation. Our brush holders not only perfectly display your brushes for easy access and storage but also double as a drying tray when they need a clean. Simply flip the holder upside down to allow your brushes to dry whilst preventing contamination from pesky germs, dirt or dust. The cleaner your brushes, the better your makeup will apply, and it minimizes the risk of passing on nasty bacteria to your skin!

You definitely don’t need that! With their innovative stabilizing makeup holders, simply fill with your favorite selection of BB beauty products, click into the holding tubes, tilt, and apply effortlessly using the built-in mirror. On the subway, traveling on vacation or hiking the Hollywood hills, remove the hassle of planning bathroom trips or rummaging through cluttered makeup bags and revolutionize your beauty routine. Invest in beauty that looks good and does good.


Brushes not included.

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